Taisu Ventures proudly co-hosted the TEAMZ Web3/AI Summit 2024 and co-sponsored together with our great portfolio companies such as CoinstreetHELIXAID:TechBlockPi , bringing together key figures and innovators in the blockchain, Web3, and AI industries. As a leading venture capital firm specializing in Web3 investments, Taisu Ventures played a pivotal role in shaping discussions and insights throughout the event.

Day 1 commenced with a warm reception, setting the stage for enriching discussions and valuable networking opportunities. Tianyu Yang, CEO of TEAMZ, emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and AI.

A highlight of the day was the Taisu Ventures panel discussion, where experts from the firm shared insights on investing in Web3 projects and navigating dynamic market conditions. Takashi Hayashida, Managing Partner of Taisu Ventures, alongside esteemed industry leaders, engaged in discussions during the VIP conference, offering strategic investment approaches and insights into market trends. The panelists for the VIP conference included:

  • Takashi Hayashida, Managing Partner, Taisu Ventures
  • Jitendra Singh, Co-founder & CEO, HELIX
  • Dr. Albert He, Chief Scientist, BlockPi
  • Samson Lee, Founder & CEO, CSPro

Post-main event, attendees were invited to an exclusive side event co-hosted by Taisu Ventures, focusing on blockchain technology and asset tokenization. Panelists from Taisu Ventures, HELIX, and Coinstreet discussed asset tokenization’s benefits, challenges, and its potential impact on Japan’s economy, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Day 2 saw Taisu Ventures continue its active participation, contributing to insightful discussions and engaging with industry leaders. Noteworthy sessions included keynote addresses by Nobuko Irie and Alex Tapscott, along with a panel discussion exploring new money and future value exchanges, featuring esteemed panelists from the Bank of Japan, Progmat, Osaka Digital Exchange Co., and N.Avenue Corporation.

The day also featured insightful keynotes from industry leaders like Justin Sun and Seihaku Yoshida. However, one of the most anticipated discussions was the Future Web3 Market Forecast panel. Taisu Ventures, represented by Takashi Hayashida, Virtual Nishi from SBI VC TRADE, Yoshikazu Abe from Hyperithm, Kenji Mitsusada from Secured Finance AG, and Satoshi Shinada from Kepple Africa Ventures Inc., delved into comprehensive analyses of market trends, investment opportunities, and the future trajectory of the Web3 ecosystem.

Throughout both days, Taisu Ventures reaffirmed its commitment to driving innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry stakeholders.